We keep it 100% natural

No chemicals allowed

Cruelty Free

This purifying face mask will instantly give your skin the natural cleanse it needs; by removing bacteria causing acne and eliminating dirt/makeup.

Benefits of our mask

Removes bacteria causing acne

Relieves redness

Removes excess oil

Cleans pores

Eliminates dirt & makeup

Dramatically fades dark scars

More features

Let this face mask do all the work so you don’t have to

No pain, pulling, or tugging of the skin. Just add water to the mineral mask and mix into your complimentary bowl. Mix to make a thick paste and apply on any area of your skin. Then gently exfoliate with a wet towel in a circular motion, or simply wash with your face/skin with lukewarm water.

For all skin types and any age

A 100% natural and chemical free purifying mask. Based in Vancouver, Canada.


"An awesome face mask for tightening and brightening my skin, my skin looks instantly refreshed and my redness is calmed, Easy to use and I like how you mix it yourself, it allows you to mix the perfect amount of product, I would definitely recommend."
- Sidney

"My dad and I use it for our face. I use it on my back because I had spots and stuff but it is getting lighter! But it was itching when I first put it on, but its better now! Get it, this stuff actually works though, seriously."
- Asha

"I had bought this for my daughter. And I noticed her face getting clearer in a month! I'm in my mid 40's so I do not have any acne, however I used it recently and I noticed my skin looking cleaner and just more alive!!! I don't know what it is, my skin looks brighter and put into place."
- Jas

"I just started using this product last week, and love the change I see already. I bought a clay mask from Loreal and their ingredients don't seem to end! This is only green mineral, and it does the job alright! Thank you!"
- Anna

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